TripleTrad NZ Privacy Policy


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At TripleTrad NZ, we prioritise the trust built with clients, translators, collaborators, vendors, and respect the privacy of every individual.


We set high ethical standards, which means that our project partnerships are treated in accordance with the laws of each country where we operate in terms of receipt, analysis, and confidentiality of the information received.


Our Privacy Policy covers all personal information received, in all possible formats.


Globally, we follow the principles of the Safe Harbor Privacy Policy and, more recently, the EU-US Privacy Shield.


These principles are as follows:


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Users must be informed that their data is being collected, as well as the purpose and use of this information.


At TripleTrad NZ, we provide our contact information for any questions or complaints about data use, as well as an option to limit the use of your personal information.




We at TripleTrad NZ offer our users and customers the option to allow (or prohibit) their personal information to be:


a) made available to third parties;


b) used for purposes other than those originally provided for or authorised by the individual.


We also always request the user’s authorisation before sharing personal information of any kind with third parties.


We will always prompt the user as they provide their information.


Information Transfers to Partners


Information transfers to third parties, when authorised by the customer, are only provided to organisations whose services are in accordance with the following privacy policy:




TripleTrad NZ will undertake efforts and invest in the protection of personal information and in preventing unauthorised access, loss, misuse, alteration or destruction of information.


Data Integrity


TripleTrad NZ will only use personal information in accordance with the purposes for which individuals provided it.


We undergo all necessary procedures to ensure that the information provided is accurate, complete, and updated.


Data Access and Correction


Upon request, TripleTrad NZ will grant appropriate access to personal information already collected about the individual making the request.


TripleTrad NZ will also allow the individual to add, correct or delete incomplete or inaccurate information.




TripleTrad NZ implements effective means and frequent compliance assessments to ensure that the principles of this Privacy Policy are fulfilled.


In cases of violation of this policy, swift disciplinary action is taken, including the cancellation of the contract of the employee involved.


To avoid unauthorised changes or handling, TripleTrad NZ adopts security measures to protect and ensure the safe transmission and storage of personal data provided by customers and partners.


TripleTrad NZ reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy at any time, and will always notify users of changes through this page.

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By providing the information requested, the user accepts the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy.


Subject to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the user accepts and gives their free, express, and informed consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy, especially with regard to the granting of personal data.


Such data will be used for the sole purpose of developing successful TripleTrad NZ projects, according to guidelines of the General Principles Relating to Personal Data Protection.


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